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More about Kathryn

I feel a deep connection to the very soul of Aiken, a place that has shaped my identity and filled my heart with unwavering love. My journey, intertwined with the love and support of my husband Robert and our cherished son Seth, has been rooted in the fabric of this community. Together, we have found solace and strength in our faith, as devoted members of both Trinity United Methodist Church and Glory City Church of Aiken.


A Strong History

For three decades, my purpose has been crystal clear: to serve the incredible people of Aiken. It is a calling that ignites a fire within me, driving me to tirelessly dedicate my life to the betterment of this community I hold so dear. The passion that fuels my every step is unwavering and relentless, a testament to my unwavering commitment to Aiken and its people.

Now, as I embark on this remarkable journey, I invite you to join me. Let us unite in a collective purpose. With your support, we can nurture a brighter future, where the voice of every resident is heard, valued, and uplifted. Together, we can champion progress, celebrate diversity, and ensure that Aiken thrives for generations to come.

Join me in this incredible adventure, as we sow the seeds of positive change and create a legacy of compassion, justice, and prosperity. Together, let’s stand tall, shoulder to shoulder, as we build a future that embraces the boundless potential of Aiken. Together, we can make a difference—a difference that will resonate for years to come.

  • Deep-rooted connection to Aiken, born and raised, with unwavering love for the community.
  • Guided by faith and family, actively engaged in Trinity United Methodist Church and Glory City Church of Aiken.
  • Three decades of dedicated service, passionately working to improve the lives of Aiken’s residents.
  • Driven by an unyielding fire and commitment, fueled by the desire to see Aiken prosper and flourish.
  • Inviting others to join the journey, uniting in purpose to create a thriving future that celebrates diversity and progress.

Results & Accomplishments

Field Representative for Congressman Gresham Barrett 2003-2011.

Harnessing extensive experience collaborating with local, state, and federal officials, I have effectively fostered relationships and built bridges with key stakeholders, including SRS officials, school administrators, and civic groups within the city and county. These valuable connections empower me to navigate complex networks and mobilize resources, ensuring a campaign that is both impactful and responsive to the diverse needs of our community.

Aiken County Housing Authority – Chairman of the Board

With a deep understanding of the critical need for affordable housing, I recognize that stable and secure housing is a fundamental right that empowers individuals and families, while also combatting homelessness. Through strategic initiatives and collaboration with key stakeholders, we are committed to creating inclusive and sustainable solutions that provide safe, affordable housing options for all residents of Aiken.

Civic Experience

President of SC Association of Pregnancy Care Centers (6years)
Treasurer of SC Association of Pregnancy Care Centers (Present)
Graduate of the Aiken Public Safety Citizens Academy
Coordinator of our community One Table Thanksgiving Meal (11 years)


I humbly ask for your endorsement as I seek to make a positive impact in our community. With a proven track record of dedication, experience, and a deep-rooted commitment to serving the needs of our residents, I am driven to effect meaningful change. By endorsing my candidacy, you will join me in shaping a brighter future for our community, where inclusivity, progress, and prosperity thrive. Together, let’s create a legacy of transformation and ensure a better tomorrow for all. Your endorsement holds the power to make a difference.

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